Going Walking? Pack It All!

I’d managed to get three overnight bags, two children, the birthday presents, and the camp bed into the car ready to head down to a family weekend. As I reversed out of the drive the usual panic set in – I’d obviously forgotten something critical, just not sure whether it was underwear, toothbrushes, or the laptop (you’re never really off duty when you work in IT). Nope, I remembered packing them all. Great!

We must have made it a whole mile down the road before I remembered that the laptop battery was dead and I’d left the charger at home. Given the traffic at that time of day it was a 15 minute round trip to remedy the mistake.

Heading back our of our road, my eldest daughter sighed and said “Daddy, you should make a list so you don’t forget things.” Quite right. So I did. One list for when we go camping, and one for going walking. A few friends heard about my lists, but rather than giving me one of those “Aw, old age setting in” expression, they asked for a copy. I guess it gets us all in the end!

Anyway, here are my lists. I tend to adjust them a bit for each trip – with a pen rather than electronically.

Get the check lists here:


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